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The minimum age of participation in courses is 16.

The maximum number of students per class is 12.

For the intensive course, in the case of a class with only one student, the lesson will be individual and will last 2 hours instead of 4.

The cost includes: language lessons, participation in cultural activities and the use of the textbook for the duration of the chosen course.

In the event of a discontinuity or interruption of attendance at the lessons, no refund will be granted.

In the case of a course type change request, it is not possible to use the amount already paid, except in serious documented cases.

The deposit and the registration fee or any other payment cannot be used by other people.

For students who have obtained a study visa, attendance at courses is mandatory, except in serious documented cases.

Centro Italiano reserves the right to change the address of the accommodation, giving timely communication to students.

Centro Italiano respects the following Italian holidays: Easter Monday, 1 May, 2 June, 15 August, 1 November.

Centro Italiano does not insure students against risks of illness or accidents.

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