Workshop: "Italian and Photography"
An innovative way to improve your Italian and absorb Italian culture.
The workshop proposes the use of the camera for the creation of
a digital product to be published on the blog of the school.
A creative experience to learn the language and get to know the city better.

Day 1 - In the classroom: choose a theme (the city, gestures, traditions,
food, music, language, colors, the city squares, homes, traditions, people,
parties, special corners and unique sites, art, street art, the contradictions
and paradoxes)
- Out of the classroom: going around the city to search for photo
Day 2 – In the classroom: selecting photos and creating the finished
product (photo story, photo reportage, etc.), assembling and viewing of the
finished product.


Duration: 6 hours (divided in two days) for each workshop

Participants: minimum of 3