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This course is intended for students who have never had any contact with the Italian language. Students learn basic communication skills needed to speak with others (present yourself, talk about yourself, order at the bar, make purchases, ask for information).

This course provides students with grammar and lexical tools necessary to communicate in everyday social situations, to share experiences from the past and make predictions for the future.

The aim of this course is to provide students with the skills to present events related to the past and provide essential tools to express desires and make assumptions. Students are given simple texts to read and discuss,

The aim of this course is to give students the ability to formulate assumptions in an accomplished way and to express themselves adequately in situations at a formal level. It also enriches the lexical level with reading texts from newspapers and/or narrative type, paying special attention written production.

The course aims to achieve a knowledge of grammar at a professional level, allowing students to analyze and argue various topics. Students examine complex texts and authentic audiovisual material (Italian news and other high level programs).

This course helps students perfect their fluency. At this level students are able to speak/read/write as if Italian were their native language. Students are able to converse and present materials in every topic, and have the capacity to alter information depending on the audience (formal, informal, group, individual).  

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